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    Performance Status

    Metro Vision identifies a series of performance measures to help determine progress toward the future identified in the plan.

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    Urban Centers

    Compact urban centers reduce the need for vehicle trips, minimize land consumption and ensure a variety of housing and employment opportunities.

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    Idea Exchanges

    Regularly held events bring together a variety of partners to share information and best practices for supporting Metro Vision.

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    Boomer Bond

    Local governments use this tool to evaluate how well the community’s existing resources, programs and physical design serve residents, then plan to improve.

  • 2020 DRCOG Awards logo

    2020 DRCOG Awards

    Nominate plans, programs and projects in transportation and mobility, growth and development, community health and wellness, resiliency and promoting access to opportunity by Jan. 17, 2020.

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    Way to Go

    To address issues of congestion and air quality, DRCOG partners with a group of transportation management associations to promote transportation choices beyond the single-occupant vehicle.

featured partnership

CityCenter at the University of Colorado Denver, the Gates Family Foundation, Denver7, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and the Denver Regional Council of Governments have partnered on the Imagine a Great Region initiative beginning in 2019. The initiative fosters cross-sector, regional conversations on growth while conducting research to inform such conversations. Led by faculty experts working with students, research will address topics such as mobility and transportation, housing access and affordability, natural resources, access to amenities and education. The multiyear initiative is bringing together forward-thinking community partners to share information and data about managing urban growth in deliberate, sustainable and equitable ways.

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