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Through Metro Vision, cities and counties throughout the region work to preserve what’s great about our past, protect what we love about the Denver we live in today, and come together to create a better future.

Metro Vision

protects and enhances the region’s quality of life, is aspirational, long-range and regional in focus, offers ideas for local implementation, respects local plans, encourages communities to work together, and is dynamic and flexible.

planning for...

Metro Vision is our region’s plan for continued success. The most basic purpose of the regional plan is to safeguard for coming generations the region’s many desirable qualities. Metro Vision calls on all of us to become active participants in planning for our present and future needs within five main themes:

  • place

    an efficient and predictable development pattern

  • mobility

    a connected multimodal region

  • environment

    a safe and resilient natural and built environment

  • livability

    healthy, inclusive and livable communities

  • vitality

    a vibrant regional economy

what's new?

sustainable communities resources

From 2013-2015, DRCOG convened regional and community partners through the Sustainable Communities Initiative. Check out resources developed during the initiative, now available in one location.

To learn more about what DRCOG is doing to realize Metro Vision, CLICK HERE.

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